Quality through experience

Composite Technology

Knierim Tooling builds moulds and tools from glass fibre or carbon fibre reinforced plastic using the hand lay-up process, vacuum infusion technology or prepregs, i.e. pre-impregnated carbon. This process ensures an optimum ratio of resin and fibres and thus guarantees minimum weight with the highest possible strength. The choice between glass or carbon is determined by the requirements of the finished product in terms of durability and performance.

Knierim only uses high-quality resins as well as sandwich and core materials from renowned manufacturers that have already proven themselves in boatbuilding. Curing times can be precisely controlled using heating mats or in an oven chamber, ensuring uniform curing and high quality. 

Multiple E-glass layers are laminated by hand using high-quality epoxy resin

As most moulds are built with vacuum technology, vacuum tightness is an important feature. Knierim offers a vacuum testing system for its master plugs if required. During this test Knierim’s products may show a maximum drop in vacuum of less than 10 hPA/h.

Knierim Tooling GmbH is certified with the Workshop Approval of Germanischer Lloyd and Lloyd's Register.