Hand-laid laminate covers the balsa core

Fine cutting the paste giving it a smooth surface

High quality EP paste is applied on a laminate layer made of E-glass and epoxy resin

Glass fibre laminate is applied on a layer of plywood

Computer design of a rotor blade model and steel substructure according to customer supplied data

Wooden frames are attached to the uprights of the steel substructures giving the plug its shape

Steel substructures are used in master plug construction for a stiff and durable base

Knierim Tooling’s technology

A precise mould is produced of styrofoam, MDF, or block material. If necessary it will be covered by a layer of laminate using epoxy resin before the high quality epoxy paste is applicated. Machining the paste precisely to the given geometry gives the mould the exact shape. Long-lasting master plugs are built on a steel substructure with an epoxy sandwich laminate.