Fine cutted motor yacht hull plug

Rough cutting the paste for a master plug of a sailing yacht hull

Cutting styrofoam into shape for a motor yacht hull plug

Master plug of a sailing yacht deck with polished surface

Master plug of a sailing boat deck with laid-in non-skid surface

Moulds and master plugs

Knierim is building moulds for various purposes, like wind turbines, airplanes or marine components for ships and submarines. They are made of a corpus of Styrofoam, MDF or other block material, and laminated with epoxy resin, then pasted and milled. The laminate is made of GRP or CFRP by hand laying technique or with vacuum infusion and prepreg technology. Knierim is using epoxy resin as well as sandwich materials and cores by renowned manufacturers, tried and tested in boat building. During production surfaces can be precisely controlled tempered, either with heating pads or in an oven.

Knierim’s experienced engineers design steel substructures for customized moulds. Thanks to the cooperation with Knierim Yachtbau, Knierim Tooling can offer further services like manufacturing fitting pieces, heating and cooling facilities.

Knierim is also manufacturing durable master plugs with steel substructures and a base layer of epoxy-sandwich-laminate with sealed epoxy paste. Premium pastes of renowned producers and Knierim’s experience from composite boat building ensure high quality, solid master plugs with a long tool life allowing 5 to 10 demouldings depending on geometry and surface finish.

As most moulds are build in vacuum technology vacuum tightness is an important feature. Knierim offers a vacuum testing method for its master plugs, if required. During this test Knierim’s master plugs show a drop in pressure of less than 10 hPA/h.