Precision and strength

Moulds and master plugs

Knierim builds master plugs and moulds for numerous applications, such as the production of rotor blades for wind turbines, components for airplanes, ships and submarines or containers for agriculture.

The moulds have a core made of polystyrene, MDF or other block material, which is laminated, pasted and milled. The laminate consists of E-glass or carbon fiber and epoxy resin and is produced using the hand lay-up method, vacuum infusion technology or prepregs. The processed material is of particularly high quality and comes from well-known manufacturers. Knierim thus ensures the consistently high quality of the sandwich construction. Controlled tempering during the construction phase also contributes to this.

Knierim is also manufacturing durable master plugs with steel substructures and a base layer of epoxy-sandwich-laminate with sealed epoxy paste. Premium pastes of renowned producers and Knierim’s experience from composite boat building ensure high quality, solid master plugs with a long tool life allowing 5 to 10 demouldings depending on geometry and surface finish.

As most moulds are build in vacuum technology vacuum tightness is an important feature. Knierim offers a vacuum testing method for its master plugs, if required. During this test Knierim’s master plugs show a drop in pressure of less than 10 hPA/h.